the beastly truth

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Michelangelo's David, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony... some examples of masterpieces that are almost as good as a roast beef sandwich from Roast Beast. Everything about Roast Beast is better than anything else that has ever been or will ever be. I want nothing more than when I die, to be met at the pearly gates with a Roast Beast sandwich, dripping with chipotle mayo and tiger BBQ sauce. If everyone in the world sat down at one large table, and each enjoyed a Roast Beast sandwich, there would be no war, no prejudice, and certainly no hunger. I recommend the spicy pickles and the onion roll.

Adam V., Needham, MA

My only regret from going to this place is that I did not order my own sandwich (I wasn't too hungry at the time and was rushing to get somewhere).  I had three bites of my boyfriend's sandwich and was hooked.  He had a roast beef sandwich including pickles and the Secret Beast Sauce (I don't even know what else was on it), and it was DELICIOUS.  So much flavor, and normally I would not eat that combo. I have got to go here again and actually eat an entire sandwich.

Lauren, Allston, MA

The best roast beef sandwich ever! The beef is sliced ever so thin, and gently massaged just before landing on the bun which makes each bite scream tender goodness. The onion bun was grilled so that the horseradish cheddar melted as an adhesive for the bun, spicy pickles, and  beef. The beef is full of flavor yet not greasy at all. The sauces are delightful accents that complete the sandwich. I cannot wait to go back for my next sandwich!

AH, Brookline, MA