Man and Beast

and the beautiful thing they created together

The Beast is extremely happy that you have chosen to dine with us today. And as for the question that people often ask, "Is there really a Beast?", well, we have to defer that one to D.J. Lawton, the proprietor of this ongoing feast that we call Roast Beast. You see, without D.J. and his extremely talented team of BU students and alumni, Roast Beast would still be just a dream.

Happily though, for lots and lots of our very devoted customers, Roast Beast did indeed become a reality. And that reality is a deliciously simple one: offer the finest roast beef and roast turkey known to man, pair it with the tastiest and freshest rolls, and finish it with an array of out-of-this-world toppings. And you, the customer, tell us just what ingredients to assemble, thereby creating your very own personal piece of perfection. And the result? Sandwich nirvana!

So, if you happen to see the Beast, tell him you like what he's got going on here, he'd be very happy to hear it. And if you don't run into him, just tell any of the nice folks working here that make it all happen every day, and they'll be sure to get the message to him. Because, as we all know, without these great people, there would be no Beast (even though the Beast thinks it's the other way around.)

We all look forward to seeing you very soon. Until then, you can count on us being right here, keeping it real for Roast Beast lovers everywhere!